Services: Staff Focused 

Are you fed up with investing time and money in staff recruitment induction and training only to have them leave your company? 
Do you have problems recruitment and retaining staff. 360SCC can work with you and your staff to improve staff retention. 
We are also here to help you explore opportunities for your staff to enable them to be self-motivating and to see themselves as an integral and valued part of your business. 
Do you have concerns about the behaviour of a staff member or group? 
We can provide an independent Social Care manager to support you through the investigation and potential disciplinary process. 
If you are a company which needs to: 
Improve the skills of their employees 
Evaluation staff practices 
Have more robust Risk management evaluated 
Staff development training and supervision 
Regular review of staff via quality monitoring mechanisms 
This service will ensure you have the following Outcomes: 
Staff training and development analysis 
Review of staff practices procedures 
Review of staff supervision tools and mechanisms 
Liaison with external professionals/trainers on behalf of Provider 
Products targeted to this group can include some of the following: 
Project management training 
Recruitment supervision and staff training review 
Mentor to Registered manager [supervision and support] 
Training to meet areas of omission 
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