Services user focused 

Have you receive a number of complaints? 
For those of you who have customers and commissioning organisations that are frequently dis- satisfied with the service they receive. 
360SCC can undertake independent investigations with you and your customer examining ways levels of satisfaction can be improved. Thereby supporting the quality and status of your business to improve in your locality 
If you are: 
A Company requiring professional help to solve problems, and improve service user satisfaction. 
Having difficulty with conflict resolution 
Not able to implement effective Risk management mechanisms 
Difficulties with Customers and representative quality control mechanisms 
This support will ensure you have the following outcomes: 
Increased Professional knowledge 
A Mentor to support manager to maintain standards and review practices 
Access to evaluation and quality monitoring tools 
Independent support and or Advocacy when required 
Products targeted at this group: 
Coaching and mentoring advice line 
Supervision and mentoring of management team – [meetings, email and/or telephone] 
An independent chair for meetings 
Independent advocacy 
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