Our services – are flexible and can be adapted to meet your needs 
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Help and advice line 
Are you not sure where to turn to for help and advice? - For a nominal monthly fee 360 SCC can offer an advice and guidance line. 
This support is via telephone or emails and a 2 hour meeting each month. 
Contact us today for further information, or telephone 01787 238 147 
If you are: 
Confused by the maze of regulations and requirements 
Not sure how to deal with a situation that is contentious. 
Need an independent chair for a meeting 
Would like someone to bounce ideas off 
Would your management team benefit from regular supervision and support. 
This support will ensure you have the following outcomes: 
Increased Professional knowledge 
A Mentor to support manager to maintain standards and review practices  
Access to evaluation and quality monitoring tools 
Independent support and or Advocacy when required 
Products targeted at this group: 
Coaching and mentoring advice line 
Supervision and mentoring of management team – [meetings, email and/or telephone] 
An independent chair for meetings 
Independent advocacy 
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