Training and Development 

To support you to move your service from what is frequently seen as the “Cinderella” profession to one that supports staff to see their career choice as one that is skill based and improves job satisfaction. 
If you are a company needing: 
Support to access appropriate development programmes 
Mechanisms in place to review the competence of staff to meet needs of customers 
End Customer Need: 
Staff appropriately trained to deliver service specific to the needs of individual customers 
Mechanisms to monitor competence of staff after training received 
Evaluation of effectiveness of training 
Customers satisfied with service 
Competent and effective staff group 
Products targeted at this group: 
Yearly training and development matrix 
Support to access appropriate training 
Deliver Safeguarding training and development program 
Deliver Senior staff Supervision training 
Arrange programme to meet the specific needs of staff / customers. 
Evaluation of staff competency and their training needs 
Competency assessments following training 
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